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Groceries and daily essentials directly from producers. Buy with friends and save up to 20-80%.


Calii is a marketplace that connects consumers directly to producers, offering 20-80% savings by cutting middlemen. Users can buy individually (with some savings) or with friends to achieve the most savings.

Problem: Highly fragmented supply chain in Latin America

Controlled by middlemen.

Producers have no simple way to directly reach individual consumers.

Therefore, relying on many layers of middlemen who take up to 80% of the margins.

Calii's solution

Aggregate consumers in large enough batches using group-buying.

Match them directly with producers.

Inspired by $30B Chinese start-up Pinduoduo, one of the fastest-growing companies in history.

Cutting middlemen = more profits to producers and more savings to consumers

Example: Avocados from Mexico

avocados from mexico

Traditional retail

$ 1.00 consumer price
$ 0.10 goes to the producer

Calii marketplace

$ 0.50 consumer price (-50%)
$ 0.30 goes to the producer (3x)

Live in Monterrey, Mexico

More cities coming soon.


David Arrambide

David Arrambide


Stanford engineering grad.

Founded a multi-million dollar Clinical Research Organization at the age of 19.

Maurizio Calo Caligaris

Maurizio Caló Caligaris


Worked in Prof. Andrew Ng's research group at the Stanford AI lab.

Early engineer at Addepar, a wealth-management platform with over $1 trillion of assets under management.